One of my greatest passions in life is learning to live fully aware of the presence of God in my life. How about you?

A couple years ago, the Holy Spirit taught me what I call ‘the Presence Prayer,’ which is designed to awaken us to the presence of God in our lives. I’d encourage you to pray it with me, out loud. And I’ve included an audio experience at the end, where I read the prayer to some background music. I think you’ll love it!

. . . 

“God, you are beyond me—my God and Creator. You exist eternal, perfect, endlessly and totally transcending my wildest imaginations and comprehension. I am your creation, and in You, I live, move, and have my being.

You are also above me, seated high and lifted up, my King, my Sovereign, my Victory. I am your subject, a citizen of your kingdom, and I humbly bow before your greatness, power, and glory.

You are also beneath me—my foundation, my rock, my security, the endless soil of love my soul is rooted in. You uphold and support me, as I live in the palm of your hand.  

Lord my God, you are also before me—my Shepherd, Teacher, my Guide, my Lord, the Pioneer who forges my path ahead of me. I look to you as your sheep, your student, your servant. I follow you, as you teach me to walk in your ways and in step with your steps.

 God, you are behind me—my rear guard and protection, my motivation, my affirmation. You hem me in, behind and before. You are my forgiveness, cleansing my past and breaking every chain I have been dragging behind me.

 You are also beside me, Lord—my Comforter on one side, my Friend on the other. You walk alongside Me, every step of my life, my constant companion and confidante, so that I am never alone.

 God, you are also within me, this humble Temple for Your Spirit. You are my life, my love, my strength, my healing, my breath, my joy, my salvation, my cleansing, my completion, my filling, my peace and my satisfaction.

 And God, you are upon me—my anointing, my robe of righteousness, my spiritual armour, my covering, the shield in whom I trust. 

 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you are my all, in all. Amen.” 

The presence prayer audio experience

by Brad Huebert | Prayers and meditations

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