Yesterday I slid out a dandy of a book that I haven’t flipped through in years, and I’m glad I did. It’s called “The Power of the Spirit” by William Law, a guy who’s been revelling in glory with Jesus for a several generations now but who’s words are just as powerful today as they were when God moved his quill to record them.

Andrew Murray said of this work, “In all my reading I have never found anyone who has so helped me in understanding the scripture truth of the work of the Holy Spirit.” Murray was a spiritual giant… who looked up to William Law. Here are a few quotes from the first chapter:

“True Christianity is nothing but the continual dependence upon God through Christ for all life, light, and virtue; and the false religion of Satan is to seek that goodness from any other source.”

“The continuous inspiration and working of the Spirit in the spirit of man is no less essential to that salvation which God has provided through Jesus Christ than the new birth itself.”

“To think you are your own, or at your own disposal, is as absurd as to think that you created yourself.”

“Whenever a man allows himself to have anxieties, fears, or complaints, he must consider his behaviour either a denial of the wisdom of God or a confession that he is out of His will.”

“The Jews refused him who was the substance and fulfilling of all that was taught in their Law and Prophets. The Christian church is in a fallen state for a rejection of the Holy Spirit, who was given to be the power and fulfilling of all that is promised by the Gospel… the coming of the Holy Spirit, being the fruit of Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, is essential to fulfilling of the salvation Christ procured…when the Holy Spirit is not honoured as the one through whom the whole life and power of gospel salvation is to be effected, it is no wonder that Christians have no more reality of the gospel than the Jews had purity of the Law.”

Wow, huh? That’s just a smattering of chapter one. Here’s the link to buy this book if God is tugging at you.