I was reading Michael Hyatt’s blog today and he mentioned something really cool is friend is doing coupled with his new book. It’s called “The Noticing Project” and part of it encourages us to list the 5 most influential people in our lives, tell them how important they are, and reflect on what it all means. I think you could split the list into two parts, past and present.

Past… I could choose many more, but..

1. Steve Lightle, a Messianic Jew with a faith that moves mountains and moved the one in my heart. I was never the same after a short week with him as our speaker on a mission trip.
2. Randy Friesen. Director of MBMSI, a disciple of Steve’s and a passionate listener at the feet of Jesus. He proved that Steve L wasn’t the only one who could walk with God like that.
3. My dad. He’s a gracious, life-long learner who I remember saying, “Everyone has something to teach me.”
4. My mom. One summer road trip she read her postcard ramblings out loud and her description of the Washington forests took my breath away. I’ve been captivated by words and wanting to express myself powerfully ever since.
5. Mr. Plett. A high school teacher that could have busted me for lighting an Old SPice deoderant fire in our school cafeteria but took me aside and challenged me spiritually instead. He told me I was on a track that led to hell, and was I okay with that. Sounds harsh, but here I am, repeating his words and… uh… not going to hell anymore.

Who are your top five? Or a few of them?
Tomorrow: Who is God using right now to change your life and help you grow?