You know better than I ever could what funerals are all about.
As I minister in one today, fill me with your Spirit, Lord.
I want to manifest the presence and fragrance of Jesus to everyone who attends.
I want to minister your comfort to the family and those who are grieving.
I want to embody the hope that you have given us and lead the way in rejoicing, while not disrespecting the sadness, anger, regret, and pain that will be moving like an unstable sea of waves among the mourners.
I want to be clear without being flippant,
firm while still being gentle.
If there’s anything you want said, that no one else is planning to say, I’ll say it. Or do it.
I am yours. Always, ever yours.
And I pray that you will find others willing to pray this kind of prayer too, so that everyone that needs to be touched in some way will be touched in the way they need most.

I love you. Let’s love these people together!

Your son,