Jesus is amazing.

I’ve just been handed a phenomenal opportunity to share Christ with a whole lot of Calgarians through a radio interview hosted by David Gray on CBC radio’sEyeOpener┬áprogram. The interview will air live Friday morning at 8:10am. I will be joined by another pastor for a short (5-7 minute) conversation about what our church is doing over Christmas to attract people to attend. It sounds like I may have an opportunity to share brief details about the sermon series we’ve been going through, which would be amazing.

Apparently someone from the station had been surfing Calgary church websites, found ours (Dalhousie Community Church), and was really impressed. She raved about our use of edgy visuals and the “pastor hello” video in particular.

Pray that God would direct the conversation and fill my mouth with his words, that people would hear the truth and feel drawn to attend church this Christmas Eve and into the new year.