I’ve been reading John Eldredge’s newest book, “Walking with God.” It’s good. But so far, the most poignant insight is this: Focus on what God IS giving, not what he’s withholding.

Sounds pretty basic. Maybe it is. But it goes a long way. A couple of posts ago, I blogged about expectation. I listed a few dreams I have for this trip. Or maybe just one biggie: To be able to go off alone along the rocky Oregon coast without my family — just me and my God, off for a walk to explore, chat, and enjoy what he’s made. Shauna wanted to camp on the beach and enjoy an authentic seafood dinner. Sounds like those things aren’t too much to ask.

Yeah. We’ve left the rocky portion of Oregon’s coastline in our rearview mirror, and a) I haven’t had more than five minutes to myself, b) our “seaside campsite” wasn’t in view of the ocean, or even in view of a site with a view of the ocean; and the “seafood” dinner we enjoyed (note the sarcastic quotes) wasn’t up to par. So a few major letdowns.

I know it sounds narcissistic, but those things really got us down. There, I said it. I’m selfish.

But… we also saw a whale or two in Newport (never seen a whale before!). We’ve done some great beachcombing (another love of mine). We saw a few dozen seals (also in Newport) and yesterday we got a buggy ride in Dunes City (we’re staying at a KOA and this one, miraculously, doesn’t have a train track running through it).

Point is, when you start focusing on what God IS giving instead of what he isn’t, life gets a whole lot more joyful.