Being in ministry keeps me honest. Or at least, more honest.

There’s something about the eyes of everyone being on you that reminds one to behave. But not just to behave, to believe. To keep on keeping on. To walk the walk, talk the talk, and mean it with every fiber in your being.

Though I fail regularly, I try my best to leave hypocrisy off my list of colorful sins. To practice what I preach. And the preaching part helps. I’m on record saying all this cool stuff, after all. I don’t have to be perfect to preach it, but I better be on the road.

Lately I’ve been working on a template for family ministry for our church. We’re trying to hammer out a “How to Disciple Your Children” resource in particular. So while brainstorming about virtues and all the good things we want to impart to my children, I’ll often get a “Oh yeah. this applies to me too…” moment. Or I’ll catch myself in the middle of being a jerk and think, “Whoops. Back off, big guy. You know better.” My kids are better for it, and so am I.

Interesting, all the tools in God’s toolbelt.
I’m glad for most of them.