I ache for God to break into the lives of the people I love, to make our church a supernatural church. I think people come to our church expecting good music and good preaching. They know they’ll be encouraged, that they’ll learn something practical. But that’s not enough. I want people to step into church a little nervous, expecting that God will do something supernatural.

Maybe one week someone becomes a Christian. The next week a diabetic is healed. The next week two people share a dream they had the night before, and discover it’s the same dream. The next week a couple who had been separated are sitting arm in arm. The next week a man shares how his struggle with his temper has been touched by God. Another new Christian. And on and on.

Should we expect any less? This is Jesus Christ we’re talking about. The Spirit of God. The Bible is full of this stuff, and so should the church be. We’re not a community of nice people, we’re the Body of the King of Kings.

I refuse to settle for less. Go, Jesus!