A few things:

1. I’ve been blogging about exhaustion and trials. I’m getting better, and God is purifying my faith. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

2. I’m pumped about going to the Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference in April. YESSSSS!

3. My website, www.presencevoicetouch.com, is going well. I just reached the “300 article” mark (I’ve sent out 300 “how to hear the voice of God” articles since I began). I’ve fired these off to Africa, Australia, Europe, Vietnam, you name it. All over the world. If you haven’t downloaded one yet, go check it out. It’s free, and it’s a gooder.

4. I’m going to preach a miniseries in our church called “The Divine Frontier” starting in two weeks time. Pumped about that. Summary: The Bible doesn’t ever use the word “relationship” to describe what we have with God, because there isn’t just one relationship, there are hundreds. We all begin with God/human and Creator/creation… and once the Savior/sinner and Lord/servant relationship begins, a universe of exploration begins… Vine/branches, Healer/sick, Teacher/disciple, and on and on! Now: Each relationship is different, with a unique set of expectations, blessings, and experiences. Hence the call to the “divine frontier.”

Here’s the graphic I designed for the series. Kind of a campy Asimovian look.