You’re not going to believe this. I got an email today. Yes, it’s real. Here it is, minus the name & Phone #:

“Hi Brad!
My name is ****** and I am a casting producer with the show “Wife Swap” that airs on ABC Television. I came across your blog and was immediately interested about you’re family and all that you do. I was wondering if you would consider being a part of
our show.

I’d love to speak with you at your earliest convenience about our show and the casting process. Let me know if you’d like to discuss the opportunity! You can reach me at ***-***-**** or just email me back with the best time and number to reach you.

Thanks so much! I look forward to your response.


Fun as that sounds, I didn’t feel right about it. Here’s what I wrote back to the fine gentleman who wrote me:


Interesting how you found me…

Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to have to decline. Several things occur to me as I think back over several episodes of Wife Swap I’ve seen:

1. To be eligible for the show, my family and I must obviously be viewed as extreme enough to one end of the parenting/family spectrum or another to warrant a corrective measure via another family. Humor in that concept aside, along with the fact that I’m eager to learn how to be a better parent and husband, I’m not sure I care to be cast in an extremist light.

2. Our family members are committed Jesus followers, and I can only assume that to make for an interesting show, you’d have to pair us with someone with values significantly contrary to our own. For us to allow someone significant influence over our children in our own home they would need to be of similar values, not contrary ones. Not such an interesting episode, all things considered.

I will say that most families that participate in your show seem to learn positive lessons, and for that I’m grateful.

Thanks again.”

…..God must have a real sense of humor. SO, WHAT’CHA THINK? DID I DO / SAY THE RIGHT THING?