Please pray for me. Our family was enjoying one of my eldest son Noah’s football team BBQs tonight and the parents were invited to play football in the rain. A few minutes into the game I was accidentally nailed in my throat by someone’s shoulder. This caused excruciating pain and my voice immediately disappeared. After the BBQ, I drove to a Medical Centre to get looked at. X-rays showed no breakage, praise God, but the doc said my vocal chords are bruised and swollen enough that he referred me to a specialist at Foothills tomorrow at 1pm and asked me to ice my throat and sleep upright tonight.

I still can’t speak and swallowing is awful. He said normally these things can take 7-10 days to heal, so I will not be preaching this Sunday (at least) as planned. I have mixed emotions, but I’m also resting in the good care of our Father in heaven with the healing process. I can say that I feel so full of Christ’s energy these days and welcome learning what he has to teach me through this. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your prayers.