I had an amazing experience today. I was preaching, or at least trying to… the first minute or two of my sermon I was struggling, like I was hitting my head against a wall and couldn’t find my stride. Whack! Whack! Frustrating, to say the least.

And then, I let go of myself… my need to be together. It was like, “Brad isn’t going to cut it today. He keeps hitting a wall, and it’s not budging.” I actually felt like a layer of me slipped right off, fell right through the floor, and in it’s place stood Jesus, willing and able to walk through the walls I couldn’t manage.

From that moment on, my message flowed. The passion burned. The words flew out. And judging by the reactions afterwards, lives began to change. Yesssss!

I was in the way. Or at least, part of me. I was inadequate. I was part of the problem. Until I stepped aside and let Jesus speak. But no, actually, I was still inadequate. I’m utterly spent now, but it’s a sweet kind of spent. I’ll take it any day.

Jesus, thank you for letting me serve you. And thanks for rescuing me. And for stepping in to hit a home run when our team really needed one. I love you, and I trust you.