Every time I click “get mail” on my laptop, I watch my junk mailbox counter jigger it’s way into the dozens. It’s like a forty car pileup on the freeway that gets miraculously rerouted into the ditch before it can do any damage. My Mac is good at that.

Common offenders? Products to enlarge… uh… that… you know. Or enhance and revitalize… with the… and… yeah. Or “stellar” investment opportunities. Rich government officials who just happen to be looking for a place to dump ridiculous amounts of money. Or luxury watches. Or lonely singles who apparently want me to return a call I never received. And a handful of newsletters I’m signed up for but too lazy to unsubscribe from.

Spam is from the devil. A good spam filter is like paying a musclebound bodyguard.

Spiritually speaking, a spam filter is even more critical. Cause our minds have inboxes too, and we need to train them to dump messages that aren’t productive. Never mind evil ones, which we should dump automatically (we don’t, but it’s still true). I’m talking about the useless thoughts and rabbit trails designed to derail our attention and waste our time.

Try something sometime. Next time you get a spam message, click the “Bounce” button. It’s a nifty little feature that sends the received email back to the sender as if it hit a brick wall and your address doesn’t actually exist. The problem is, at least 75% of the time there is no sender address to bounce it back to. By the time you’ve received it, the address has been deleted.

IE, most spam will not lead you into sin. It will lead you into fruitless time wasting.

Is there spam in your inbox lately? Has your mind been wasted on fluff?