Sometimes I’m an idiot.

Sometimes I stink.

Sometimes I’m forgetful.

Sometimes I’m a coward.

Sometimes I’m dumb as a post.

Sometimes I’m that annoying driver.

Sometimes I’m brazenly selfish.

Sometimes I get discouraged.

Sometimes I say exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Sometimes I’m wrong and know it, but won’t back down, at least ’till later.

Sometimes I lose my temper.

Sometimes I forget all about God and faith and his kingdom.

Sometimes I’m a deadbeat dad.

Sometimes I’m a bonehead of a husband.

Sometimes I make a mess and forget to clean it up.

Sometimes I let things go to my head.

Sometimes I struggle to forgive.


And I know it. So why is it so hard to give someone else a “sometimes?”

On the other hand, sometimes I’m heroic.

Sometimes I smell good.

Sometimes I’m brilliant.

Sometimes I’m humble.

Sometimes I’m sacrificial.

Sometimes I’m a wonderful driver.

Sometimes I say just the right thing at the right time.

Sometimes I keep my head under pressure.

Sometimes I’m a stellar dad.

Sometimes I’m a fantastic husband.

Sometimes my faith is epic.

Sometimes I’m totally dependent on Jesus Christ.

Sometimes I’m courageous.


And sometimes, sometimes is a huge victory.

So why can it be so difficult to give other people their sometimes? No one but God and the devil are something all the time. But people? All we ever get is sometimes. Or if we’re really exceptional, most of the time.

Lord, please be with me in my sometimes’. And help me to give them to others…

More than just sometimes.