Something’s off.

I can feel it. I just got back from a wonderful lunch with some great people. I feel sorry for them, because I may have been sitting there across the table smiling and chatting, but the real Brad was absent somehow.

Almost like I was walking around unplugged from the Source of my life.


No, exactly. God’s hand wasn’t on me. That’s what it felt like. My brain was beige. My heart was flatlined. My words were empty. Yuck.

I felt it during lunch. I felt it walking back to church. I felt it arriving back at my desk. And I felt it when I was tempted to push away that feeling and go on with my day.

Nope. Not doing it. I’m blogging about it because that’s part of me calling “time out.” But now I have to go.

God and I have a date.

But one last thing—maybe something’s off with you. Maybe you feel it. Something. Not sure what. But it’s off. God wanted me to tell you, you’ve got a date with him too.