Just the other day we got a major snow dump – like six inches, and everything got smothered in the white stuff. The bird bath is frozen, the grass is covered up — a winter wonderland.

I feel sorry for the birds lately. See, they’re here cause it’s supposed to be Spring. They look so confused.

Mrs. Robin: “I don’t get it. The brochure clearly said it was supposed to be green this time of year.”

Mr. Robin: “I know, I know. And our travel agent isn’t answering my calls.”

Mrs. Robin: “How much did you pay for this package? I think maybe we’ve been taken in.”

Mr. Robin: “No, this isn’t that bad… see? There’s a patch of grass right over there across the street.”

Mrs. Robin: “I can’t even look at you right now.”

Mr. Robin: “But dear, it’s Spring….!”

Mrs. Robin: “Talk to the wing. Talk to the wing.”

Really, that’s what they’re all talking about.