I’m not much of a poem person, but I wrote this a few years ago and felt like pulling it back up today. Maybe it will speak to someone! I’ve reworked it a few times, but the fangs and glory are still intact.


Sloth sinks in its sugary teeth
Sweet sounds its swooning bell;
My weary soul slides in too deep
though too asleep to tell.

Eyes cast over, now cold and blind
Blink dead as death assails;
Hands stop reaching, pinned astride
Limp as hoping fails.

This path was chosen,
And yet it feels
Like fate has beat its drum;
My will seems frozen,
‘Fore death I kneel –
My foe has bid me come.

But the Lord calls ‘Rise!’
Shake off the web!
The spell is broken when
I hear the voice –
my cocoon is shed,
By passion born again.

Wriggling loose, I’m bound no more
then stretch my glory wings;
Loathing fear,
I’m born to soar
Conceived for higher things.