facebook ebookI find it amazing how many people use Facebook, and how regularly they use it, without giving it much thought.

This past year my Facebook friend list has grown to over 1,020 and I’ve launched a Facebook fan page called Geek Faith Tribe with 146 likes to date. As I’ve learned how to use these incredible tools—both for my personal life and for Geek Faith Tribe, I’ve learned six Facebook Facts I believe everyone needs to know.

Why do you need to know these six Facebook Facts?

Because Facebook is ‘taking over the world,’ and you’re in it. Because using something so powerful so often without thinking it through can be dangerous. Because most of what I’ve found in these secrets I’ve never heard anyone say before.

I’ve collected these six Facebook Facts into one thought-provoking eBook. I’m giving it away totally FREE to all my newsletter subscribers. If you’ve already subscribed, you’ll get it free next Monday as a part of the newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet… uh…

What are you waiting for?

Episode 1 of the GEEK FAITH TRIBE NEWSLETTER launches next Monday and will hit your inbox 6 times per year. All I need from you on the form is your email address. No names, no eye colour, no favourite foods. So easy. So if you want to get the Six Facebook Facts Everyone Needs to Know…