Something interesting is happening.

In the past two weeks, Shauna and I have had the most intimate conversations with people in our church since we arrived in Calgary. Good people struggling with important, even serious issues. We both commented that its like something has shifted, spiritually speaking. Like we’ve entered a new phase or something. For example, I’ve had frank discussions about porn struggles maybe three times in three and a half years here. Two came this past week.

It’s exciting, because it means we’ve crossed a threshold of trust and also that people are becoming aware and willing to deal with the stuff that matters. It’s daunting, because a) Our church isn’t ready for a wave of needs like this manifesting — I’ll need to do training with people who can help me with this kind of ministry; and b) I can’t even handle the ones that have come forward so far.

I’m coming out of a season of exhaustion, and very slowly at that. I don’t want to quench the movement of God’s Spirit, and I don’t want to quench my own spirit, either. So I need wisdom, and lots of it.

“What are the boundaries I need to be content with, God? What are you calling me to do here? Not do? What is for now, what is for later, what is for others, what is for never, what is a distraction of the enemy designed to pull me down? I am your servant.”