Ah, Saturdays. The weeklong schedule is out the window, the kids are home, and stuff just kinda happens. My neighbor Steve came by today and we replaced our front disc brakes on our Echo. Never done that before. I enjoyed a late lunch with a real live princess (my Glory) while Shauna and the manchildren were out galavanting Saturday style. You know the drill.

And then I realized that I only turned my thoughts toward Jesus a few times today. I sense that he’s been waiting just out of sight, barely within mind, for me to realize this — not so much so that I’ll apologize, though I did, but so that we can talk. Enjoy each other’s company like Glory and I did at lunch time.

Jesus, thanks for being so patient with my wandering. I get so distracted! This mind you’ve given me channel surfs well enough to win some Oceanic Cup somewhere.

I just love God’s patience, don’t you? This grace he gives, that can restore ANYTHING? Did you know that the root of the word grace in Greek means “That which causes joy?” Seriously. So I come before God, tail between my legs, saying OOOPS once again for some brain freeze behavior, and what does he do? Not just wipe the slate clean. Not just clean up the mess, get me back to par. He dumps a big ‘ol bucket ‘o’ grace on my head, which means he wants me to feel not just forgiven or grateful, but joyful when I get back off my knees. Not, “Whew! That was close…”, but “JESUS IS AMAZING! WOOO HOOO!”

I’m going to spend the rest of my day swimming in WOO HOOO!