My vacation is rapidly approaching. Know what I’m looking forward to?

Well, time with my family, for one thing.

Smoke infested wiener roasts around the fire pit in our backyard, sweaty hockey games on the driveway, swimming in the shallow eddies along the bow river, camping at Moyie Lake, climbing rocks that beckon, hiking trails that lead to the mountain peaks, where I can kiss the sky, soaking in the joy of summer, playing who knows what till who knows when.

Maybe some snorkeling, a little rafting, a whole lot of bike riding. Slurpees, ice cream, steaks sizzling their way off the grill. Lazy sunsets, robins chortling their joy way to early in the morning right outside my window, making love to my wife, times of wordless worship in nature’s cathedrals.

But first, to be honest, I’m looking forward to nothing.

That’s the rule this year. The first two days of my vacation will have no schedules, no plans, no to-do lists, no watches, clocks, disappointments, expectations, ought-to’s, or should’as. Just the chance to do absolutely sweet nothing. Pure sabbath, in the purest sense. To let my soul catch up with my life, by slowing my life down to a standstill. I’m going to lie around. Sleep. Turn over. Drool. Stare blankly at the ceiling, or whatever I choose not to focus on in front of me.

“Don’t talk to daddy, sweetheart. He’s a vegetable today.” Mmmm, sounds great.