After I graduated my friends and I went on a road trip. Winnipeg to Vancouver. Vancouver to California. California to Texas. An epic journey.

Now I’m on a major road trip with my lovely and my three monkeys. Yesterday we hit a KOA campground near Spokane. Nice pool, a couple of trees, fair price. Oh, and our site was pretty much in the shadow of a water tower with pumps that fired off and on all night. And there was a nasty railroad track running right behind our site. And every half hour or so a train wumpawumpa’d past us with a vengeance. Every second train felt it necessary to make sure the tracks were clear of space aliens and children up at three AM and rebellious microbes that could derail it.

How? By yanking on a demonic horn that people could hear fourteen time zones away, say, in Istanbul. I actually found myself wondering if it would be wrong to derail a train on purpose for the sake of a better night’s sleep. I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there I could find a sympathetic Judge. All I’d have to do is find one that stayed in that site for a day or two.

But you know what? I’m having a blast, and I’ll try to keep up my blog where I can get a connection. Don’t go anywhere!