Our family is in full on renovation mode.

On the docket: Laminate will be replacing the “world war II” carpet now providing ground cover in the living room, as well as the rebel ceramic tile currently occupying our kitchen and dining area. Let’s just say, nothing bounces on tile. It explodes, and we’re a little tired of all the shrapnel.  Moving on. Shauna is getting a shiny new kitchen, including a new sink, spankin’ new countertops, and an above the range microwave. Both bathrooms are getting linoleum makeovers, we’re finishing the stairwell leading to our basement, and the entire basement will enjoy brand new carpeting and a finished window opening.

It’s gonna be sweet, but getting there has been a bit of a bugger.

Everything that sits on the main floor—carpet, underlay, tack-boards—had to be gripped, ripped, and stripped before tossing it out the front door. Coffee tables, kitchen stuff, couches, lamps, you name it, had to be moved into our Master Bedroom or the garage. Same with the basement, including all our furniture, our entertainment unit, plus Noah’s entire room.

Most of that happened tonight, because my friend Kyle showed up with bells on, ready to help. And the guy is a machine, let me tell you. I would have been totally hooped without him.

When God renovates our souls, things play out much the same way. There’s a lot more involved than we’d ever dream. We have a role to play, but we often need friends to help. And you have to be prepared to expose gaggish colonies of dirt, dust, and exfoliation hiding where vacuums can’t reach. Anyone who does renos knows that you always find more than you bargained for–mould, poor construction, wear and tear. There is almost always something hiding behind carpet, paint, and drywall. So renovation always costs a bit more than we thought it would.

What is God replacing in you right now? What’s being ripped out from under you? Why are you holding on to it when you know the renovation is going to be so much better than things are right now? What change is God trying to make in you? Will a fresh coat of paint be enough, or will he have to go deeper?

Lord Jesus, thank you for your work in us!

But imagine what we’ll look like when God is done!