Yesterday I redlined.

I’m talking about flooring my personal gas pedal until my engine was revving so high that I ground to a halt. 

We’ve begun the process of selling our house—painting, de-cluttering, repairing, replacing, cleaning, hucking. I’ve been going hard for a week now, especially on the painting front. And now I’m done.

Not because I’ve completed the tasks on the list, but because I’m done. Caput. If I push any more, I’m going to break something precious in my soul.

Our souls have a rhythm, you see. Inhale, exhale. Work, rest. Give, receive. Pour, fill. Everyone’s rhythm is unique, too—some can thrive on six hours of sleep, while I need eight. Some people are high-capacity, others not so much. What I do know is, everyone has a limit, and most people don’t know where that line is.

I know mine. I start getting fuzzy in the head when I get too close. My anxiety level rises. My frustration-o-meter goes into the red zone. My already anemic ability to multitask disappears. I find it difficult to stay in the moment. My stomach burns.

When those symptoms raise their foreboding heads, its past time to pull back. It’s a sign that I’ve already gone too far, but if I’m quick and thorough, there’s still time to recover. Two years ago I almost burned out… or maybe, I partially burned out. It was really scary.

I’m not going back.

So I pulled out of the rat race. I lay down. Invited the Lord to center me. Rested. Let my mind go fallow. Enjoyed the present moment. And felt the IV of God’s life serum drip-dripping back into my spiritual bloodstream.

What are your signs of red-lining? Are you there now? What will you do about it?