Today is the very first “question for God” day. What I mean is, I’ll suggest a question that you can ask God on your own. I recommend you prayer journal this stuff, but at the very least find a tangible way to keep the question in the front of your mind for a few days in a row.¬†

God will answer your question. The thing is, the answer may not come in a familiar package.

God speaks verbally, and once in a blue moon, audibly. It’s possible to get specific words and sentences from God. To have an actual conversation with the King of the cosmos. The Bible is verbal, and is the clearest we’ll ever get this side of heaven. But this is not the only way God speaks.

God also speaks visually. He puts pictures in our minds. Sometimes they’re more like movies. Sometimes really vivid ones. These are called visions, and if they arrive when you’re sleeping, they’re called dreams. When you read about Christ being a vine, that’s a picture God is trying to paint in your mind.

God also speaks logically. He guides our thoughts, helping us form accurate and godly conclusions about life and the world around us. Many people ask, “Is it God speaking, or just my own thoughts running through my head?” Who says it has to be one or the other?

God also speaks intuitively. Sometimes, we just know things. We’re not sure how we know, but we know that we know that we know.

And most times, he speaks right in the middle of your life unfolding at its normal pace. So he’s trying to speak to you during your meeting. During supper. At church. During your devotions. While ¬†arguing with your spouse. Or buying a house. That rhymed.

So there’s the preamble. Now for the question:

“Father, if you could have one thing from me today, what would it be?”

Lord Jesus, speak on. And readers, do share.