Last week I began what I hope will become a weekly tradition—“Question for God day”—where I’ll suggest a question for you to pose to God. Jesus wants us to come to him like a child would, which means he wants us to ask him lots of questions. That said, children need lots of practice learning to listen. If you need some help understanding how to hear the voice of God, click on the above link for a basic introduction.

So here’s the question:

“Father, is there anything you’d like me to know about what I’m going to be facing in the near future?”

Ask the question, then listen. Write down any words, scriptures, pictures, or ideas that come to your mind, and then pray about them.

A couple of years ago, I asked God this question the morning I was scheduled to fly home after an amazing conference with John Eldredge. His response was something like, “Beware of lust, because you’re going to be tempted.”

Imagine my surprise, then, when my seat mate on the plane pulled out a soft porn magazine and began flipping through it right under my nose.

Imagine my joy, when, realizing I’d been warned and prepared for this moment, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the flight, lust free.

When you ask God this question, his answer may not be a warning about land mines. It could be an invitation. A helpful perspective. A cryptic puzzle piece that won’t make sense until later on that week. Personally, I don’t think the question is about knowing the future as much as it is about knowing God’s heart. But know this: God wants to guide us, and I think he’s pleased when we come to him for wisdom, even when it pertains to stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

Ask away… and do tell what God shows you!