Well, I’m heading off to the Los Angeles area tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

Awhile back I contacted a few pastors I admire, guys who are really good at something I’m passionate about. My pitch went something like this: “Hi, I’m a pastor from Calgary, Alberta, and I want to take you out for lunch to pick your brain, mine your wisdom, and hear your heart. Are you free anytime in May or June?” When I got my first hit, I planned the rest of my trip around it. On the schedule: David Arcos, the creative dude at Mosaic (Where Erwin McManus serves as Lead Pastor), David Parker, lead pastor of Desert Vineyard, a church known for hardcore community impact, and Tim Geddert, Prof of New Testament at MB Biblical Seminary (the guy who wrote the stellar endorsement for Finding Home, the book I wrote two years ago).

That, and some sweet time with relatives, friends, the beach, and whatever else God throws my way. I’ll try and blog daily about my adventure.