Hey. I’ve been busy on a prayer and planning retreat with our church staff, “roughing it” at a stellar cabin in the Rockies, soaking in natural hot springs by a river, eating like Kings (and a Queen, Shauna is with us).

I’ve also enjoyed three days in a row without a headache (today some pressure is building in my cranium). It’s interesting: I give God the credit for my respite—but I’ve been praying in an interesting way.

First let me say that I can count the times when God has actually healed me of a headache in progress on one hand. Seriously. And I’ve been having headaches since I was a kid. Secondly, let me say that in the past three weeks, I’ve had more headache/migraine time than not. It’s been awful. But what I’ve been doing lately (after forgetting about this for a few months) is praying preemptive prayers:

“Father, would you please give me a headache free day tomorrow?” And he’s been answering. Interesting. I find myself more fully convinced than ever that my health is in his hands. I praise you Father, for your preemptive touch.

What about you? Do you have any recurring struggles that you only pray “in the moment” for? What about trying a preemptive prayer?