This past weekend I stole a few minutes to begin reading my way through the prayer journal I’ve been using this past year. Before I get into what I found, here’s a fun little intro to prayer journalling I posted a few years ago:


So there you have it. What I want to say today, though, is that I’m probably halfway done re-reading my journal, and it’s been quite a moving experience. I mean, I scrawled some pretty heartfelt prayers in there. God spoke some powerful words, both through scripture and by his Spirit to my heart. And some of those “words,” gold to me then, are still gold to me now, though I’d forgotten them.

I’d forgotten them. Because I’m human, and we do that. Which is another reason prayer journalling is so important to me. I feel like King Josiah stumbling upon the dust-encrusted copies of the law his priests found lying under some rubble in the temple. Wow! I’d forgotten that God said this to me, forgotten that I promised to follow through on such-and-such, forgotten that scripture truth and how I’d intended to memorize it. That kind of stuff. Halfway through it again, I now have six important reminders I could not have refreshed any other way.

What about you? Do you lock in every single truth God teaches you? Do you have perfect recall of every verse of scripture, every whisper God floats through your heart, every commitment you make?

Then maybe… you should start a prayer journal. There’s good precedent for this stuff, you know. The prophetic books are a form of prayer journaling. The Psalms too, and maybe even Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes. So prayer journaling has been used by some pretty hefty spiritual giants.

Lil’ ol’ me? I just wanna walk in their footsteps.