Hey all.

I’m in Winnipeg without nearby internet access, so it’ll be awhile before I post, maybe a few days. Sorry. I will say this: There’s been a whackload of snow this month and some of the highways were closed so we weren’t sure we’d make the 14 hour prairie trip to my parent’s place. When I prayed about it, I asked God to show me what was what. What to pray. That sort of thing.

I saw us driving in our van, driving through darkness, encased in light, safely arriving. Ahhhh.

And God did that. So thanks, God!

Check back in a few days, and pray for me: On the 31st I have a book signing in our old hometown over the lunch hour. And we drive back on the 2nd/3rd. And I preach on the 4th.

Bless you real good, faithful readers. Drop me a line or a comment sometime to tell me how your holidays shaped up, what God’s been saying to you, etc.

You are loved!