Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Resurrection Day. Celebration Day. The most triumphant day on the Christian calendar.

And the Day of Holy Pressure for pastors like me, who want to speak a message of hope and power in a fresh way – not just to be novel or clever, but because the resurrection of Christ deserves fresh thought, passionate preparation, fervent prayer, and the best words and thoughts our minds can conjure up. That’s the pastoral responsibility, and I carry it close to my heart.

But what about you? Can I make a suggestion? Instead of coming to church tomorrow morning with an “entertain me and wow me with a message I haven’t heard before” attitude, try coming with a “capture my heart with the old, old story” posture.

If every pastor came ready with the pastoral posture I described first, and every person in the pews came with the pew posture I described second, we’d all be set.

What’cha think? Do we have a deal?