So far in my ministry, I’ve resisted getting ordained.

If you’re ordained, don’t take this personally… unless you should. But I just don’t see the point. For one thing, all believers are equally endowed with Christ’s Spirit. We’re a kingdom of priests, not a kingdom with a few priests. So why on earth would I do something that would put a designation in front of my name that sets me apart from the average bear? Why would I go through any kind of rigormoral to get the letters “Rev.” in front of my name? I don’t even like being called “Pastor” Brad. I could just as easily call you “servant” Joe or “teacher” Rachel.

But ever since I reflected on the fact that every day I live is ordained by God (See two days ago) I’ve been infused with purpose. My eyes are open, my ears on alert, my heart piqued to catch every nuance God is sending me. (Okay, maybe not every nuance, but a whole lot more of them). And purpose, I’m finding, is a joy bringer.

I’m serious. Go back, read that post again, and try it. Wake up tomorrow and say, out loud, “This day has been ordained by God for me to walk in it. Thanks God. Show me what you want me to see. Hear what you want me to hear. Do what you want me to do.” And then just live, heart open and ready.

And then, I dare you, at the end of the day, get back to me and tell me what happened. How’d it feel? How’d it change things for you? I wanna know.