As a result of our recent move, we’ve been offline. No internet. No phone. No television. For the past few days, the cyber universe had, for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist (let’s pretend my iPhone wasn’t working to preserve the technological ethos of the point I’m trying to make).

Though I was out of the loop—though I couldn’t send or receive email, surf the web, join a Halo gaming party, call a friend, use a phone, watch the news, or anything of the sort, billions of transactions were occurring all around me. Bits and bytes and ones and zeroes were streaming through the air and bouncing off satellites and cell towers and people all around me were connected to something I wasn’t.

It was like living in the dark ages.

It’s the same with God, with the spiritual realm, with his voice. Though many people live out of the loop—though they aren’t perceiving a message from God, embracing his presence, offering a prayer, receiving an answer, apprehending a spiritual truth, registering an impression on their hearts, or anything of the sort, billions of spiritual transactions are happening all around them. Word and images and thoughts and visions are streaming through the air and nestling in hearts, minds, souls and bodies. People all around them are connected to something they aren’t.

Living in the dark.

Which kind of person are you?

For me, it often depends on the day. Sometimes I’m dialed in, other times oblivious. Sometimes I’m intimate with God, other times independent.

What kind of day are you having?

Maybe it’s time to change how it ends.