I love my days off. And hate them.

I love the change of pace, the chance to spend the morning with the sweetheart of my life. I love being able to relax.

And I hate, HATE, the clock ticking down from the moment I wake up, reminding me that my little vacation is going to end in T-MINUS 2.5 hours. I forget myself on our little date, but after that, it’s TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK… and my stomach almost knots up knowing that when the kids get home, my alone time is officially over. I hope this doesn’t sound neurotic; I’m just acutely aware of the rhythms of my soul and most Mondays I know that the day doesn’t offer enough hours for me to truly decompress. The relentless march of ministry in the kingdom the rest of the week, while exciting and fulfilling most days, also performs its withering work on my emotional and spiritual reserves. Paul talked about being a drink offering, and pouring himself out for the sake of Christ. I can relate, I think.

But today is different. Maybe the reason I feel suffocated by the clock is that I’m so focused on my own agenda. So today, my agenda is his. I will do nothing but what I felt led to do. If I feel led to do nothing, nothing I will do. Tomorrow I’ll let you know how it went.