Who’s God using to change me right now? That’s the next question. This could change by next week but here we go…

My kids. Big time. In several ways. I’m learning that their moods — which is another way of describing what’s going on in their hearts — is directly related to the tenderness I offer them. Mommies can nurture like no one else, but Daddies are called to offer tenderness from the position of a wilder strength, and that’s a gift that becomes something like oxygen to their souls. Quite simply, when Jesus is moving through me, they melt in my arms and raise their chins to meet the world with courage and grace. I can’t be totally responsible for their actions, I know, but when I’m withholding tenderness, they wither. And God is working in them through my prayers. So my prayer life is warming too.

My staff. I love Tom Mulhern and Harold Amstutz (Youth Pastor and Associate, respectively). For one thing, they gave up their lives south of the border to come serve with me in our church. They routinely challenge me. Tell me when I’m missing the boat. Critique my sermons. Watch my back. Listen to me drool over the vision God’s seared into my soul. Love me. Forgive me. Support me. And so much more. I’m a better pastor because they are in my life and in my face. Thanks, guys!

What about you? Who’s God using to grow you recently?