Jesus, I fear this week to come.

There’s too much on my plate. I don’t know how I’ll ever get things done. Preparing for the Parenting Module before the service. For my next sermon. For hosting the Pastor’s and Spouse’s Retreat Sunday through Tuesday. Marketing my book. Boy’s Club on Wednesday. Staff Meeting. SLT (Spiritual Leadership Team) meeting tomorrow night. Men’s prayer breakfast tomorrow morning. Life Group Thursday night. Parenting 24/7. Couplehood 24/7.

And I’m overwhelmed. But I trust you.

I know you’ve got me. That you love me. And that somehow, blur or no blur, we’ll get through this. Step by step, I hear you saying. Okay then. Let’s do it.

Anything else I need to know, or keep in mind?

Guard my heart? Against what?

Overdoing it, and doing it myself.

Walk with you, trust you, depend on you, listen for your voice, step by step. And only do what you tell me. Nothing more, nothing less.