This morning my son Noah shared in church about an experience he had with his Jr. High Mission Trip, which happened a few weeks ago. Here is his testimony, pretty much as is. Feel free to share a comment with him after you read it! 🙂

Hi my name Noah huebert , the reason for these crutches are for my leg. i have broken it badly playing football. i was one of the youth to go on the mission trip to down town calgary a few weeks ago to help the homeless.

When I met my first homeless person, I was surprized because in movies they are portrayed (bent, dirty, beat up). This is NOT ALWAYS TRUE They are people like us its not always there decision being homeless, like loseing their job or something.
what stood out to me was when MR.phill riemer was talking about Kirt riemer-his son. in the winter kirt came home with no jacket or gluves/tuce(had been handeing out hot chocolat to homeless people and gave away his stuff to a person in need.)
after i asked myself would i do the same with my crutches if some one really needed them?even if i did what would my parents say? I wrestled with it a little bit then realized god was talking to me, i dicided that Yes I would and my parents would as well. i didn’t see anyone how needed them through the day, so i got to keep them but the piont was god had tested me in a way i hadn’t been tested at before. so since the trip i have been praying and trying to help the needs of people around me more then i did before the trip. god has opened my eyes to a whole new world in need and has asked me to help. and not just h people the people in my school, or in my neighbor hood need help with sertine things as well.

A story was read out of the bible on the trip. in luke 17 jesus had walked up to a leper and healed him and told him to go the priestes and show them what he had done. we may not heal a lepper but we can help those who are cold and who are hungry jesus was role model that we should copy him. another passage that was read was mathew 25. i was hungry and you gave me something to eat, i was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, i was a stranger and you invited me in, i needed clothes and you clothed me, i was sick and you looked after me,i was in prison and you came to visit me, and then he said what ever you did for the least of these brothers of mine you did for me.