Pray Until Something Happens, the slogan goes. As if God is a reluctant giver. As if he needs to be pressed into doing the right thing. As if getting him out of bed is like yanking a teenager from his slumber on a Saturday morning. As if the outcome is up to us.

As if pushing is a virtue.

It isn’t.

Tenacity is. Stubbornness, even.

But pushing, not so much. Pushing is for insecure toddlers trying to get their toys back and bullies stomping their tiny egos across the playground. It’s for witches conscripting supernatural powers to impose their will on a pantheistic universe. It’s for North American Christians who know virtually nothing of true spiritual power.

It’s for people like you and I.


Don’t misunderstand me. You can accomplish a lot by pushing. You can get your way, make a buck, make your mark, climb the ladder, build a church, meet a budget, quench the Holy Spirit.

Christianity is about surrender, yeilding, submission, cooperation, obedience, dependence, passion, and love. Unless God builds the house, the labourers labour in vain. Spiritual fruit comes by abiding in the Vine of Christ, not by pushing out grapes through a spiritual thigh-master. Christianity is not just a better way to try harder.┬áChristianity is union with the risen Lord Jesus by the power of his Spirit, or it’s just pushing daisies.

Love you, Jesus.

Yesterday I was in a church meeting and I started pushing. I could tell because my words were starting to come from a defensive place. Realizing that and giving that up to Jesus gave me such peace. Peace, and the power of Christ to rise above.

Trust you, Jesus.