So I went to the hairdresser today.
Yeah, I’ve been wearing the same do for probably five years. Messy, kinda spiky, hiding my peaks (just a little)… and I was fully expecting to go with the same look. Just… you know. Shorter. A hair cut.

At one point my hairdresser is fiddling with my hair, stands back, and gets a sheepish look on her face.


“Well, it’s just that… well, I know you’re a pastor and everything, but… your hair just WANTS to be a feaux-hawk.”

“It WANTS to?”

“Yeah, look. See? It just kinda goes that way. Why fight it?”

Good question. “Go for it,” I say.

And she does it. And then stands back. The sheepish look is gone.

“I think I took five years off today,” she says. Her colleague next to us agrees. She says, “That looks really good.”

Now, I can’t believe I’m actually blogging about my hair. Not a guy thing, in my books. But the older you get, the more whatever hair you’ve got left starts to matter. So I submit my new look to you, a jury of my fellow bloggers.

What’cha think (other than the goofy guy beneath the lid)?