I’m going to be on TV.

I know. Weird. Weirder still because I didn’t pursue it. A couple of months ago, the Miracle Channel contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to come be a guest on their flagship program, called The Bridge, to discuss my book.

What? How’d they even hear about Finding Home? I still have no idea. Thanks, God.

Anyhoo, yesterday I fought with gusting wind for 2.5 hours as I drove up to Lethbridge, AB where the station is located. I was surprisingly calm—if God brought this about, he’d take care of it, right? Even so, I spent a good chunk of the time rehearsing my answers to the questions they assured me would frame the core of the interview.

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the building. “Wow, this is a big deal,” I thought, still at peace.

The receptionist ushered me into the Green Room (never had one of those before), a space designed to make guests feel relaxed and welcome as they prepare for their particular slot on the show.

My contact person, Amy, came to greet me, turning on a television set which she explained would display the Bridge hosts taping the introductory sections of the show before I came on. A few minutes later, she returned…

To put on my makeup. Yeah, part of the biz, I’m told. And I have a shiny forehead, which is a no-no. After some serious fluffing and buffing, shiny forehead be-gone. I don my mic, give her a nod, and a few minutes later we traipse down the green mile… I mean hallway… into the set portion of the studio.

I was shocked by how big that was. Amazing. Only half the room was used, and you could probably run a thousand member church service in the half that contained the set. After watching them record the final segments preparing for mine, I was ushered to a table with three chairs—two for the husband and wife host couple (who were very professional and nicer than nice gets) and one chair for my little lonesome.

Ignore the cameras, I was told. Look at the hosts… unless the Spirit of God directs you to address the people watching the show. Which didn’t happen.

Three, two, one… cameras roll, and off we go. The very first question wasn’t on my list. I froze, made up a couple of sentences, then found my stride. The interview was filmed in two 13 minute segments, and I think I did pretty well. I tripped over my words a few times, being more nervous with this than with my usual preaching ministry, but the guest that followed me said I was like a pro, like a long-time guest. I’ll take his word for it.

I still shake my head at all this. Did it really happen? Oh Jesus, may just the right people watch the program and read my book, and be changed forever. Amen.

PS: I’ll let you know when the show airs and see if I can post the video somehow..

But wait! Did I mention they got me a room at the Ramada Inn, complete with Continental breakfast and super-cool water park?

So that’s it. Time to pack up and go home.