Would You descend into me now,
Radiate from within me,
Lift me, enfold me,
Re-create and fill me –
Pulsing, moving –
breathing, healing –
brooding, growing, gracing?
I thank you that this is being done,
Even as I pray.

Dear Father, only You know
how I would love to have the kind of heart David had.
Oh, for my soul to literally blaze with the passion of Peter,
to persevere with the stubborn zeal of Paul!
I want to have the encouraging power and compassion Barnabas had,
And I want to rest close to Your side, my head at Your breast,
listening for Your heartbeat – just like John did.
I dream of having the humility of Moses,
The power and spirit of Elijah,
A mission like John the Baptist.

Even so, I know that I am not Peter, or Paul, or John.
Thank you that you will never ask me
Why I wasn’t more like David, or Elijah, or Barnabas.
Ultimately, I know that my desire is the delight of Your heart too –
That I become more like Jesus. That I become more like the man I am created to be.
Oh, to be like Thee, precious Savior, life-giving Lord,
To resemble You, to glow with Your likeness stamped on every cell in my body.
You are the most beautiful, powerful Person in all of history,
My Master, my Creator, my Sculptor, my All!
In You lies all treasure, all that makes great people great,
All I have ever wanted to become,
All You ever wanted me to be.
May my life be a never-ending pursuit and celebration of all You are.

In the Name of Jesus,
Please, Father –
Let it be (Amen).