I bought my wife Shauna a journal for our anniversary.

Not for her to write in. For me to write in.

On the cover, I painted the words “Love letters.” Just inside the cover, I wrote, “This is a book of love letters… waiting to be written. Whenever you see this journal lying on your pillow, it means I’ve written something from my heart for you to read.”

And then, on page one, I wrote my first letter and dated it. I’ve written three in total so far.

You should see her eyes light up when she sees that book sitting on her pillow. And watch her eyes mist up as she reads my latest message. And feel my heart swell with joy knowing I’ve touched her heart in a way that matters.

Personally, I think this “love letter book” is a really cool idea. For one thing, it’s fresh and novel. Second, it automatically collects everything I write for her in one place so she can go back and read them.

I’m so thrilled that I’m going to buy a book for each of my kids, one Shauna and I can write in for each of them. As the teenage years bulge and bellow, it will be a way to communicate our love in a way they can take with them through their lives.


A love letter book.

I’d love to hear your comments. What do you think? How do you pour on the love for the love of your life?