Please pray for me over the next five or six days.

Tonight I’m doing a wedding rehearsal for a great young couple in our church, and the wedding the following afternoon. Shauna is going to whisk me away to the airport straight from the wedding which will get me to the Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference in Northern California. That will last until Tuesday lunch, at which point I’ll crawl an hour and a half down the coast in a rental car (stopping at a beach or two to breathe in salt air and feel the sand between my toes), aiming at San Francisco by suppertime so I can catch my flight back home and kiss my wife good night.

FYI, I’m writing a novel right now, a tight, sassy thriller about a woman caught in a small town “murder and millions” plot. I’ve spit-polished my book proposal and the conference will, among other things, give me the chance to pitch the idea to some of the biggest editors in the business. I’m not expecting the moon with the recession tightening everyone’s belts, but… can I say it?

I think my story is really, really good.


What’s God saying to me about all this? Enjoy it for what it is. Beyond that, I guess I’ll have to wait.