Hey there! I thought I’d do something different today: Post my top 10 favourite posts from the last six months or so. God tells us that it’s important to stop and reflect on what he’s been teaching us, and that’s what this is all about. Reading through my older posts, I’m blown away at how much God has been doing in my life this year. I believe these ten entries will be worth the read!

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1. A balloon for mama: A tear jerker from Mother’s Day. This one really moved me.

2. Click: A “Big Brother is watching me” moment from a month or two ago.

3. My hero: An ode to my wife Shauna on the day of a major accomplishment in her life.

4. Look: After a serious throat injury, God taught me something so profound that I had to stop and blog about it.

5. Escargot and the Smile of God: So often we settle for less…

6. Me in the mirror: A not so flattering look at my heart.

7. Assumptions: We all make ’em. But they’re deadly.

8. Gifts and Giver: Finding God in the most incredible things…

9. The cross of Christ: A poem about the cross employing every ounce of glory I could muster.

10. God moment: Discover a truth about your heart that will take your breath away.