Apparently I have a unique niche on the internet. No, really. Over a month’s worth of posts, the top search engine hits include:

1. brad huebert blog (no surprise there).

2. nicolas cage hair (Yup. I’m serious.) Here’s the post that earns me that one. I’m pretty proud of this. I should get a medal or something.

3. greek god hermes (Here’s the post attracting that search). Also a common search term for a pastoral blog, I’m sure of it.

4. time travel pros and cons (It’s true, read it for yourself. It’s a 3 part series). The fun part is, people out there are actually searching for the pros and cons of time travel. Regularly. And not, I might add, metaphorically.

5. christian devil worship (Here’s the post). Bet’yer interested. Take a peek.

6. king saul (Read the two part series, beginning here). Did you know King Saul was an amazing person?

What’cha think?