Yesterday we talked about asking God questions. Did you try it?

Today, let’s talk about more requests you can present to God. This is important, because God always answers prayers that line up with his will for us.

Ask God for strength. He is our strength and shield. In fact, Paul described the power of Christ resting on him, and working with the energy God so abundantly provides. Strength comes in many packages, mind you — a revolutionary thought, a helping hand, energy, focus, courage, and more. But you get the idea.

Ask God for the words to speak. Jesus only spoke what his father told him to say, and how he told him to say it. If the Son of God was so inspired, not relying on his own words, we should be reliant all the more on God for our inspiration. God will either put words in your mouth or the ideas to form them. Charles Finney, the revivalist of yore, would ask God for words in his sermons — and as he described it, his mind would be flooded with “platoons of words and illustrations” to preach with.

Ask God for healing. Because if you’re one of his children, the answer is YES, every time. No, I’m not a name-it-and-claim-it person. We may not be healed instantly, or even in this life. But in Jesus, the answer is yes, even if it takes until the gates of glory for the yes to come. Don’t ask wondering if it’s God’s will, ask wondering if it’s God’s timing. It makes all the difference.