Monday morning I blogged about the wonder of being headache free after responding to a prompting from the Holy Spirit to NOT take my meds for a mounting migraine. I’d pounded the brass doors of heaven for years, asking God to heal migraines, often right in the middle of them. I found that God almost never answered a prayer to remove one that had already started (I can count probably 4-5 out of many thousands) but that if I asked him for a headache free day tomorrow, more often than not, he’d say yes.

But this was entirely different, not a matter of prayer at all. It was about obedience.

The amazing thing is, I haven’t had a headache since. No meds, no preempting the bad boys before they hit. Nothing. Praise God! Even if this ends tomorrow, it’s been a wonderful gift.

I’m reminded once again that the point is not how much I pray, or read my Bible, or fast, or memorize scripture, or anything else. The point is that I’m supposed to walk with God, letting him lead, responding to his presence, voice, and touch with faith and love. His nudges plus my response = a partnership. That’s it. Sometimes that partnership is in prayer. Sometimes it’s in action. Sometimes it’s waiting. I’m finding that the more I initiate what I think ought to happen, I run on ahead of God.

Now, I will say this: Harold, our Family Ministries Pastor, is more activist than thinker. He’s smart, but he’d rather be doing something. My theory is that a Spirit-led activist is also a responder, though the response time is probably shorter. What comes to me through reflection may come to him in an instant, in the form of a gut, “We need to do this!”

Reflecters need to beware of procrastination. Activists need to beware of running ahead of God. Those are my thoughts.