Okay, here are more books I read in 2009, fiction continued…

Okay, I wrote this one, but I read it probably 30 times along the way. And if I died tomorrow, I’d like to be known for the message of this book. It’s fiction, a parable, but non-fiction lovers have loved it too. Give it a whirl — it will challenge and probably change you, whether you want it to or not. 😉

What could be better than Micheal Crichton? Anything but Micheal Crichton, apparently. This is the 2nd Mike book I’ve tried to read and lost interest in halfway through. It’s got an interesting premise, but Mike seems more intent on impressing me with his nauseatingly thorough research than actually crafting a gripping story. Newsflash: I don’t need to know how a microwave works, just tell me it does and I’m with you.

One of the best novels I’ve ever read is called “Ender’s Game,” also by Orson Scott Card. I wouldn’t put this book in that category, because this story moves too slowly and isn’t quite satisfying enough along the way. I will say that it still manages to be brilliant, at least in scope and concept. It’s a non-sci-fi sci-fi, if that makes any sense. I’d recommend it if you’ve read CS Lewis’ space trilogy and liked it.

Christianity with power is a fascinating read because it does two things no other book on healing claims to do: It discusses how our worldview influences our experience of God, and it moves right into practicing faith and a healing ministry. Challenging stuff, and I loved it, even on the second or third read. Trust me, this will make you think.

This is a book on the Sabbath written by a Jewish Rabbi. It’s wonderfully written, with a few passages that explain concepts more beautifully and profoundly than I’ve heard anywhere else. Unfortunately, most of the book just reminds me of why we needed Jesus to come and die for us — so much legalism and rigidity of faith! It also makes me thankful for the intimacy we can have with the person of God. Thanks, Jesus!

Now for books on writing. I’ll clump them together and then comment briefly on each.

Well, Plot and Structure is a great book written by James Scott Bell, a famous writer of legal thrillers whom I’ve personally met. Really good book. Description and setting is decent, but not earth-shattering. Get Published is the book that got me oriented to iUniverse, the self-publishing company that got my book into print for me. And Hooked is a brilliant book dedicated to writing the first chapter of novels. There’s a whole chapter or two dedicated to the first line and paragraph! I loved it.

Last but not least,

Blink is a book about how our brain registers first impressions, often more accurately than when we think too hard; Windows of the Soul takes a poetic look at the many creative ways God speaks to us through our everyday experience (a really good read!); The Starbucks Experience draws leadership lessons from the success of Starbucks before it began to decline (also pretty good).

That’s it (combined with yesterday’s list). Through these books and maybe a few I’ve forgotten, God has spoken to me and changed me. So… what have you read?