Just how specific can God’s guidance get on day to day issues? I found out today. The hard way.

I’m making a battleship of an entertainment unit for downstairs. Too busy for a real lunch, I paused long enough at 12:30 to scoop some strawberry yogurt into a glazed bowl and slice in a ripe banana for good measure. I enjoyed the first few bites in the basement as I scoped out the area the new unit would eventually stand guard, then prepared to head out to the garage to launch into the sawdust stage.

In a flash, I “saw” my bowl of yogurt hit the cement floor of the garage and explode into a dozen messy pieces. In my mind, that is.

What would you do? I took it into the garage anyways, not paying much attention. I did make a point of finishing the bowl sooner than later. Disaster averted. I put the empty bowl down on a long table and got to work. Half an hour later, some boards stacked on the table slipped, slid, and knocked the bowl off the table. It exploded in a dozen jagged (though not messy) pieces.

And I laughed. Should’a listened.