It’s been awhile since I blogged. Sorry about that. To be honest, not much has occurred to me, and I’m not going to write for the sake of writing so you know that when I do write, it’s real. And that’s that.

But in the past few days, something HAS been occurring to me. God has been speaking to me from Colossians. We’ve been studying it in our Life Group, I’ve been meditating on it in my quiet times, and when I’m ready, I’ll share it with you.

I have a rule, you see: I don’t share things publicly until they’ve gone through my heart first. I bounce it off people close to me while I’m in process, but until God has owned me on something, I try not to speak of what I don’t understand.

So stay tuned, cause I can already tell this is gonna be good.

For me first, though.